Swivel System

The P-trap swivelboom is the most commonly applied mechanism. Swivel motion allows easy sea fastening when not in use. It is standard deployed by vessel crew prior to the high risk areas. The swivelboom can be stored similar to storing a gangway and can be delivered in modules allowing some vessels to store the main components in the vessels storage lockers. The P-trap foundation is bolted to a baseplate, which is welded to deck. The P-trap swivelboom is transferable to another vessel with the same baseplate installed (length 6 – 10 m).

Bracket Mounted Swivelboom

The bracket mounted swivelboom can be welded to a vessel support or accommodation depending on the vessel design.



Sliding System

The P-trap slidingboom is designed for vessels with a forward bulkhead allowing welded installation and operation with minimum deck space required, e.g. heavy cargo and lifting vessels. The entire outboard boom retrieves inboard along the bulkhead. Variable boom lengths available (length 7 - 12 m), size depends on vessel design and bulkhead location.


P-Trap presentation

For further information and visuals of the P-Trap download the overview presentation (PDF).

Commandeur Michiel Hijmans (dutch)

Westmark BV, onder andere bekend vanwege de Maritime Security Alliance en meer specifiek om zijn anti piraterij systeem "P-Trap", maakt met genoegen bekend dat vanaf 1 augustus commandeur (bd) Michiel Hijmans werkzaam is voor het bedrijf.


New strategy to protect fishing vessels in the gulf of Guinea

Multi-layered approach deters criminals and prevents unwanted boarding.


Technology to take down the pirates

No longer a regional threat, it is time to look at a multi-layered strategy for tackling piracy


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